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Fitness Trading - Sport nutrition

Sport nutrition

In modern sport, they are the basis for supplementing each athlete. We have a wide range of protein supplements, amino acids and creatines.

Fitness Trading - Tablets


The most popular form of dietary supplements. We offer over 100 products of our own production in this form.

Fitness Trading - Capsules


The contents of the capsule can be: powder, granules and liquid. The most popular products in capsules are: omega 3 fatty acids, fat burners and coenzyme q10.

Fitness Trading - Nut butters

Nut butters

A healthy and delicious snack. A perfect supplement to an athlete’s diet for nutritious nutrients. We produce butter from most nuts available on the market.

Fitness Trading - Coconut oil

Coconut oil

A great alternative to traditional olive oil. Used in the kitchen as well as in skin care.

Fitness Trading - Spices


Our spices are a composition of the highest quality ingredients. Our products contain only natural ingredients.


The mission of our company is to provide the highest quality dietary supplements and sport nutritions, a wide range of customers.

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About us
Who we are?

To be able to understand the scope of activities of our company, we have prepared for you the statistics.

Success is called

The Fitness Trading company was established in 2011 as a continuation of the activity of the previous company “Tanie Odżywki”, launched in 2006. The company initially dealt with online sales and wholesale distribution in Poland. Over time, the first brand was created – OstroVit, which was a global success. As one of the few Polish brands we have our own production and highly streamlined service for wholesale and retail orders.

Products of own brands
14 500
Other products on offer
Wholesale customers
120 000
Retail customers

We have been producing the highest quality products for athletes for over 8 years. Every month, our production plants leave over 50 tons of specialist products, ie dietary supplements, dietetic food and pro-health food.


We are perfectly aware that in order for the customer to be able to buy our products in an easy and accessible way, we need a well-organized distribution. That’s why we reach over 500 clients from Poland, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Retail sales
Retail sales

We have several dynamically operating online stores in which our clients can choose from over 15,000 offered products. We focus on the quality of services provided, thanks to which the group of our retail clients is constantly growing.

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+48 570 707 040 office@ostrovit.com

ul. Sitarska 16
18-300 Zambrów

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